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Unchained Vehicle Wraps
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Unchained Branding Bays

In order to specialize in vehicle wraps, you need to have the correct tools. These tools include, a shop to accommodate multiple large units at the same time, in-house installers, an experienced design staff and always using the highest quality materials.

  1. Large Branding Bay-

    Unchained Creative is home to one of the largest installation bays in all Kansas City. This bay is part of our shop and not another building we need to rent space in to wrap larger vehicles. Per the photo above, we are able to easily fit multiple large units in our bays at one time. We like to say, you can not be serious about vehicle wraps and not have an install bay to do the installs right.

  2. In-House Installers-

    There was been an industry shift by smaller sign shops to outsource installation to 3rd party installers. Unchained has pushed back against this. This solution is not a win-win for our wrap clients. We strongly disagree with this trend. Unchained employs full time, experienced, dedicated installers to maintain quality and consistency for our clients.

  3. Experienced Designers-

    Please see the “Creative” section of this website.

  4. High Quality Materials-

    Since opening our doors in 2004, Unchained has used only high performance 3M vinyl on our wraps. It is the premier vinyl and, while it is proven to have a longer lifespan than other solutions, it also provides the easiest and safest removal when you are ready to re-brand.